Lieze Norval

Winemaker and Registered Wine Guide

Louise Dreyer


"I speak of Africa and golden joys...”

Born and bred in South Africa, Louise has been designing bespoke tours for over 30 years in Southern Africa, East Africa and Ethiopia

Whilst art and architecture were traditionally not associated with an African tour, the sheer delight of guests when introduced to contemporary and traditional African art, artists and architecture, was an inspiration to shine more light on these experiences, and so ArtnAfrica was born.

When winemaker Lieze joined, the focus was extended to include wine and food….a natural compliment to art and architecture.

The safari, being the essence of Africa, plays its own unique role by lending a wonderful diversity to each tour.

Exclusive access to many venues

ArtnAfrica has exclusive access to many venues not in the public domain : stunning private homes designed by well-known South African architects, private art collections and artist studios guided by leading South African art critics…all exclusive to ArtnAfrica.

Likewise we introduce guests to South African haute cuisine served in private homes and paired with the wonderful wines of the Cape.

Born and bred in South Africa, Lieze has lived and worked in the Western Cape, the mecca of wine production, for over two decades.

With a background of Oenology and Viticulture from Stellenbosch University and a keen appreciation for wine, she enjoys sharing her knowledge and her love for the area with ArtnAfrica’s local and international travellers.

Access to private cellars, wine and culinary experiences

Ten years ago she started a new cellar for Hughes Family Vineyards in the Swartland, an organic and biodynamic winery, and expanded her experience to Châteauneuf-du-Pap style white and red wine, where her wines received top accolades in the Diner’s Club Platter Wine Guide for every vintage. After almost a decade in the Swartland she has returned to Stellenbosch, starting her own wine brand with a focus on Chenin Blanc and Syrah.

Being part of the winemaking fraternity Lieze has access to private cellars, wine and culinary experiences not part of the public domain, guaranteeing ArtnAfrica’s guests truly unique experiences.

Private and uniquely designed tours

All ArtnAfrica tours are private and are uniquely designed around the particular art, architecture, wine and culinary interests of the guests. All safari lodges are chosen to compliment these interests.

Although the suggested minimum time for a tour is 10-12 days, many tours end up being longer.

The ideal number of guests for any tour is 6-8, but smaller or larger groups are also welcome.