Louise Dreyer

Founder / Owner

"I speak of Africa and golden joys...”

William Shakespeare

Born and bred in South Africa, I have been designing bespoke tours for over 30 years in Southern Africa, East Africa and Ethiopia.

Excellent understanding of clients' needs

A psychologist by training and an accredited tour guide by passion, both fields have empowered me with an excellent understanding of the needs of my clients (guests, as I like to refer to them) who always desire unique experiences in Africa.

Whilst art and architecture were traditionally not associated with an African tour, I was amazed to see the sheer delight of guests when introduced to contemporary and traditional African art, artists and architecture.

So, when the decision was taken to scale down on the ‘usual’ or ‘typical’ African tours, the focus on art and architecture, in combination with safari, was taken to a new level and ArtnAfrica was born.

Exclusive access to many venues

It helps a lot that, thanks to my many contacts, I have exclusive access to many venues not in the public domain, stunning private homes designed by some of South Africa’s most well-known architects, private art collections and artist studios guided by one of South Africa’s leading art critics… all of which are exclusive to ArtnAfrica. 

Although African art and architecture is the focus of all custom-created ArtnAfrica tours, the safari, being the essence of Africa, plays its own unique role by lending a wonderful diversity to each tour.

After more than three decades and hundreds of guests, my biggest satisfaction and to this day my biggest astonishment still stems from the way guests are blown away by Africa. That our art & architecture tours are always described as the best that ever was, even by the most seasoned of travellers is as gratifying as it is amazing.
All tours are uniquely designed around the particular art and architecture interests of the guests in question and all safari areas and lodges are chosen to compliment these interests.

Although the suggested minimum time for a tour is 10-12 days, on average most tours end up being longer. All tours are private and the ideal number of guests for any tour is 6-8, preferably not exceeding 12. 

All tour details, from arrival to departure, are taken care of by ArtnAfrica. International travel arrangements are made by guests themselves.